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APG / Coaching Genius

Accessing Personal Genius (APG) / Coaching Genius Certification Trainings

Accessing Personal Genius or Coaching Genius is a Neuro-Semantics foundational training where you will earn a 3-day Meta-States Certification. One of the 3 gateway trainings (module 2) of the Meta-Coach system and a prerequisite to become a certified Meta-Coach.

This training will greatly add to your self-leadership, influencing, communication, and coaching skills. You learn how to develop, access and operate from your best states – your genius or flow states.

Neuro-Semantics and its foundation model of Meta-States is at the leading edge to running your own brain. It allows you to explore how your mind works, the levels of your mind (the higher levels of your thinking and meaning making), and the Matrix of beliefs and frames that governs your everyday experiences, your outer games.

The experience you will receive in this training will also help you understand and engage the minds of others.

Upcoming Trainings:

Accessing Personal Genius / Coaching Genius
3 Day Meta-States Certification Training
Trainer: Shawn Dwyer

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