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Cheryle Rayson

Cheryle Rayson, Leadership Coach and Certified Neuro-Semantic Trainer

Cheryle is a seasoned entrepreneur and leadership coach with over 25 years of diverse professional experience spanning real estate, mortgage broking, IT education, business consulting, and finance. Her global journey includes significant roles in small-medium enterprises, large corporates, and government sectors, making her a versatile and insightful practitioner.

In her extensive career, Cheryle has owned and operated businesses, managed multiple projects, and been a transformative figure in IT education and training centers. Her practical expertise is further enriched by her substantial background in property renovations and small developments.

A fervent advocate for continuous personal growth, Cheryle became an Associated Certified Meta-Coach in 2006 in the USA, further upgrading her credentials in 2023 in Malaysia. Her passion for education and training blossomed with her certification as a Neuro-Semantic Trainer in 2024, where she has synergized her skills in business consulting, entrepreneurship, and adult education.

Cheryle excels in helping innovative and successful individuals enhance their leadership capabilities and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Cheryle is committed to living a “Flexible Lifestyle,” eagerly embracing opportunities to travel and inspire through keynote speaking engagements. She is passionate about assisting others to “Live by Design & Not by Default,” offering transformative experiences through coaching and training.

As a Neuro-Semantics Trainer Cheryle’s key focus are Self Leadership.

Connect with Cheryle to explore how leadership coaching can elevate your personal and professional journey.

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