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Shawn Dwyer

Shawn is passionate about unleashing leadership and human development. Recognized Internationally as a licensed Neuro-Semantics NLP Trainer, and an Professional Certified Meta-Coach candidate. Shawn is the International President of the Meta-Coach Foundation.

“Since 2011, Shawn is the Managing Partner of The Coaching Centre – Australia providing certified and custom training and coaching programs in the field of Neuro-Semantics. Programs include humanistic development, self-actualization, self-leadership, communication essentials, relationships, accessing personal genius, group, and team coaching.

He works extensively with businesses to improve productivity and transformation for Leaders and Teams to sustain highly-effective organizations. A full list of Coaching is here

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“Shawn supports you to realise your full potentials in life. YOU unlock your YOUR HIGHEST intentions!”

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Shawn Dwyer
The Coaching Centre – Australia

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