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The First International Neuro-Semantics Conference: Actualizing Excellence

Post courtesy of Rich Liotta, Ph.D. from the Institute of Neuro-Semantics U.S.A

The First International Neuro-Semantic Conference was truly a special event! Actualizing Excellence was the theme. The conference brought together people from around the world who have the vision of making the world a better place by offering skills that help people become their best.

The conference was held in Grand Junction, Colorado (the home of L. Michael Hall, the originator of Neuro-Semantics) July 1 through July 3, 2011.
Representatives from 14 countries attended: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United States. Seventeen presenters delivered 20 workshops on the themes of Business, Coaching, and Personal Development along with 3 keynote presentations.

Dr. Hall (in Meta-Reflections #30, July 4, 2011) commented that “…the passion and energy at the Conference was incredible! It was exciting. It often felt like a burning fire of passion and care for what we have and what it can do in the world…” He also commented that numerous times various individuals approached him and commented about a particular workshop, “What I got out of that one workshop was worth more than the price for the whole Conference!”

The conference was lively, inspirational, and practical. The collective wisdom, optimism, and hope expressed by the presenters and participants was amazing. This gathering of diverse people, a global community, with the common mission of promoting excellence and self-actualization to change the world for the better – one person at a time – was something to behold!

A few of the highlights of the conference included:

Dr. L. Michael Hall’s keynote, Actualizing Excellence with Neuro-Semantics, described how from the beginning, Neuro-Semantics has focused on actualizing a person’s highest values, meanings, and visions for his or her best performances. Dr. Hall went on to outline how Neuro-Semantics is pioneering the New Human Potential Movement, building on the foundational work of Abraham Maslow, by developing unique approaches to facilitating Self-Actualization.

On Saturday evening, Mandy Chai from Hong Kong delivered a keynote that stirred the hearts of everyone there with the vision that she caught in 2005 and that she has now made “actual” in her Neuro-Semantic work in Hong Kong and China as she had led the way to taking Neuro-Semantics to Asia.

A real treat at the Conference was the appearance of Dr. Bob Bodenhamer, who was Dr. Hall’s business partner for many years and co-founded the International Society of Neuro-Semantics with Dr. Hall. Bob came and presented a workshop on his work in working with people who stutter. And as usual, he stole the hearts of those who heard him!

The Inaugural International Neuro-Semantic Conference was brought to a conclusion Sunday night with a powerful keynote speech from Master Trainer Colin Cox who used the story of the adventure of reaching the summit of Mount Everest as a metaphor for catching a vision, making a decision, living a commitment, and persevering. Colin’s call to action for those of us at the Conference was a call to recognize “the next level” and name the mountain that we will climb, to recognize the banner or flag that we will carry, and the commitment that we will live.

Here are some of the comments written down at the end of the Conference to give you a flavor:

“I just spent three days listening to top-notch people from all over the world deliver top-notch, life-changing presentations. It was inspiring to be in the company of so many who are following their dreams and making a difference.” Becky Schumacher, Minnesota USA

“Every workshop I attended contributed to my business, personal, and professional development.” Joe Brodnicki, Tennessee USA

“This Conference represents a world without boundaries, moving toward a single objective, yet many different perspectives exist in harmony. The paths are different, but the mission is the same, to fill the world with excellence, to be all we can be, and to make the world a better place.” Jim Brush, California USA

“This Conference had gems in it for everyone no matter what background or experience in NLP, NS, or Meta-Coaching.” Dawn Voyce, Switzerland

“The entire Conference was inspirational and provided wonderful information. Neuro-Semantics offers skills that, if more widely disseminated, could really change the world for the better!” Rich Liotta, Ph.D., New York, USA

“The Conference was a great opportunity to learn, refresh approaches in coaching and Neuro-Semantics and make good business connections.” Ma. Pilar Dominquez Lopez, Mexico

“I highly recommend the Conference … informative and inspirational, full of practical and experiential learning opportunities, and connecting to the global NS community. Surely history in the making for the field of NS–NLP.” Jim Dhillon, California USA

“Excellent exposure to a wealth of NS experience and expertise.” Gloria Mbokota, South Africa

“Outstanding group— community and a lot of learning on how to become a better Human Being.” Dr. Jairo Manchilha, Rio de Januio Brazil.

“This Conference truly lives up to the vision of ‘Actualising the highest and best.’ It is about actualizing the best that you can be. Crytalising the vision and taking productive steps in achieving that.” M. Marzuki Mohamed, Malaysia

“The Neuro-Semantic Community embraced us as first-timers. We are taking so much value and so many personal tools home with us.” Kay Axtell, Colorado USA

“The diversity of workshops is an incomparable source for personal improvements.” Manry Karinne, Switzerland

“History is told, reality is now, and we need to make our own history of modeling and showing that Neuro-Semantics is infectious once you experience ‘your highest and best’ you want to share and guide the up-coming generation.” Tshidi Modiragale, South Africa

“It’s refreshing to be part of a warm and challenging community that really wants the best for you.” Shane Stewart, Sydney Australia

“Being in the community of Neuro-Semantic folks has given me a new perspective of where the community is headed. Trainers shared special applications of the work for others to use.” Jim Binford, California USA

“The opportunity to mix with and learn from and with people from across the world is a unique privilege and experience.” Earle Taylor, Australia

“The Conference gave me the opportunity to meet, listen to the world’s top-notch self-actualizing people.” Dr. Paul Chan Kwok Hei

The next International Neuro-Semantics conference will be help in Malaysia is 2013. To learn more about Neuro-Semantics you can visit ; and look for more articles here, coming soon.

Portions of this article were from Meta-Reflections #30, July 4, 2011, by Dr. Michael Hall. To receive weekly articles by Dr. Hall sign up where it says “Join Neurons” on the International Society of Neuro-Semantics home page.