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Creating NLP Magic! …

Creating NLP Magic! Making the Invisible Visible, Seeing the Structure and Enriching the Map

Snapshot of a presentation by Mike Schwarzer at the ICF South Australia, NLP Special Interest Group

What is the difference that makes the masters of NLP use their craft artfully, seamless with ease and create MAGIC? They see structure. The structure of the map of the human experience!

Often the novice and even some more experienced practitioners get lost in the techniques of NLP. NLP is much more than just a bunch of techniques. At the core, NLP is a modelling and communication model. The key question here is “How does something work?” The secret to how something works lies in the structure of how a person has mapped and organised their inner experience about their outer world. This shows up in the way they think, feel, speak and behave.

Learn to see and play with this structure, perform MAGIC! Being able to pay attention to the infra structure of the mind-body-emotion system – how it is organised, how it inter-relates, its dynamic and energy flow and where the NLP domains live and interact – will allow you to see a person’s inner landscape. This will make it much easier for you to determine what questions to ask and what NLP patterns and techniques to apply that helps them to enrich that landscape. And more importantly help your clients’ live a richer life and perform at their fullest potential.

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