Professional Certified Meta-Coach

Four-Day Training Plus Competency Testing and Assessment

PCMC is an internationally recognized credential for Meta-Coaches™ who rise to the status of professional in their field. It challenges Meta-Coaches to meet growing marketplace demands for demonstrated competencies, assessed and tested against recognized industry benchmarks determined by the Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF).

During this intense four-day skills training designed to stretch you, Associate Certified Meta-Coaches will come together with their peers in an intimate group for skill shaping and advancement.

You will focus on advanced levels of:

» The Axes of Change Coaching Model

» The NS Self Actualization Models

» Business maximization

Distinguish yourself with PCMC credentials and you will:

» Rise to an internationally recognized status as a Professional Meta-Coach.

» Gain credibility from succeeding in rigorous assessment, including:

   • a written examination

   • demonstration of coaching competency

   • presentation of verifiable coaching experience

   • presentation of verifiable experience of being coached by a Meta-Coach

   • presentation of your full business plan

   • presentation of 3-month coaching client case study

» Be respected and financially rewarded as a distinguished and experienced coach, backed by academic and working knowledge of NLP, NS, and Meta-Coaching.

You will achieve more than 410 hours of Meta-Coach specific education.

Who must attend this program?

» Associate Certified Meta-Coaches committed to being a Professional Coach benchmarked by industry standards

» Internal Certified Meta-Coaches committed to leadership and benchmarked excellence

PCMC Assessment – Notes on prior learning

  1. ACMC or ICMC accreditation
  2. Meta-Master NLP certifications from a recognized training institution.

PCMC pre-requisite reading includes:

  1. User’s Manual for the Brain Vol. II, Bob Boddenhamer &, L Michael Hall
  2. Source Book of Magic Vol. I, L Michael Hall
  3. Meta-Coaching Vol. I, L Michael Hall and Michelle Duval

Upcoming Trainings:

This training is held only a few times a year somewhere in the world in countries including: Mexico, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, China.

Sydney, Australia

Professional Certified Meta-Coach
6 Day Certification Training
Trainer: Dr. Michael Hall

  • April 2022

for further details and bookings visit contact Shawn Dwyer at The Coaching Centre on 0439194323 or email

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