Joe Brodnicki (USA)

Joe Brodnicki has been helping leaders, teams, organizations, and individuals achieve identify and achieve their best for nearly 20 years. During his career with the US Department of Health and Human Services, Joe and his clients received numerous awards for Reinventing Government and quality management, especially in the areas of customer service, health care fraud and abuse, leadership development, and building partnerships in the public and private sectors.

Joe is currently president of Success Navigation Associates, providing a Neuro-Semantic and systems training, coaching and facilitation. Success Navigation is creating a world in which people want to belong; one where they can bring their best and be their best. He also works for the Tennessee Department of Correction and National Institute of Corrections, pioneering cutting edge advancements in leadership development, succession planning and management, implementing change, and process and training evaluation aimed at creating value, flexibility, and community in the workplace.

Joe is a licensed Neuro-Semantic NLP trainer and practitioner, and Meta-Coach. He is a member of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, the Middle Tennessee chapter of the American Society of Training and Development, the Tennessee Coaches Alliance, and the E-learning Guild. Joe is a founding member of the Institute of Neuro-Semantics-USA.

Joe lives in Hendersonville, TN with his wife and family. He is involved in his community, facilitating spiritual growth at his congregation and serving as a volunteer mediator and trainer for Sumner Mediation Services. Joe also performs stage hypnosis shows and plays Americana music with The Hazel Green Boys.

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