Shawn Dwyer

Shawn is passionate about unleashing leadership and human development. Recognized Internationally as a licensed Neuro-Semantics NLP Trainer, and an Associate Certified Meta-Coach. Shawn is the International President of the Meta-Coach Foundation.

“Since 2011, Shawn is the Managing Partner of The Coaching Centre – Australia providing certified and custom traininShawn Dwyer 1g and coaching programs in the field of Neuro-Semantics. Programs include humanistic development, self-actualization, self-leadership, communication essentials, relationships, accessing personal genius, group, and team coaching.

He works extensively with businesses to improve productivity and transformation for Leaders and Teams to sustain highly-effective organizations. A full list of Coaching

Courses Available

Developmental Coaching

Self Leadership / Accessing Personal Genius

Group & Team Coaching

Meta-Coach Supervision

Unleashing Vitality

Unleashing Leadership

Meta-NLP Practitioner

Meta-NLP Master Practitioner

Brain Camp


Shawn has a diverse background including music education, vocational education, and training, management, lean operational excellence, neuro-semantics, and NLP. Since 1999, Shawn has continued to maintain currency and service for various Registered Training Organisations throughout NSW as a Nationally Accredited Trainer and Assessor. Shawn provides training in Management, Competitive Systems and Practises, Frontline Management, Sales, Business, Lean Administration, Retail Management, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Logistics and Safety(WHS).

Leading out in operational excellence, Shawn brings world class experience with Organisations such as Nestle, Thales Australia, Wingham Beef, Newcrest, TAFE NSW, Telstra, and many others.

He provides coaching to Executives and Managers in the government, health, rural, small business, mining, property, operational, and professional services sectors.

“Shawn supports you to realize your full potentials in life. YOU start to unlock your full potential through Shawn facilitating YOUR HIGHEST intentions!

Contact Details

Shawn Dwyer
The Coaching Centre – Australia

212 Anson St Plaza
Office 15
Orange NSW 2800

mobile 0439194323

for further information about Shawn visit

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