Coaching Essentials

Coaching Essentials Certification Trainings

One of 3 gateway trainings (module 1) of the Meta-Coach Training System® and a prerequisite to become a certified Meta-Coach. If you have NLP or Meta-NLP Practitioner Certification from a recognised Institute, you can skip this Module and go straight to Module 2 (Coaching Genius/Accessing Personal Genius).

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This training will introduce you to the basic NLP Communication Model as it applies to the domain of Coaching.This course can be taken as a stand alone or as Module 1 of the Meta-Coach Training System® Program.

Upcoming Trainings:

Orange, NSW

Advanced Accelerated NLP Coaching (Coaching Essentials)
3 Day Certification Training
Trainer: Shawn Dwyer

for further details and bookings visit
or contact Shawn on

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