Lorna Bukkland

Lorna Bukkland is an Internationally Certified Trainer of Neuro-Semantics and NLP, Master Trainer of NLP, with Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier’s NLPUniversity, and Internationally certified trainer of LAB Profile.

Lorna has dedicated the last 20yrs to learning and developing herself in the fields of coaching, NLP, leadership and training having achieved in many leading transformational and change based fields. Having had the opportunity to train with many leaders in the fields of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and related fields, and is a regular in assisting at the NLPU Trainers Trainings in Santa Cruz USA each summer, in her quest for supporting a worldwide NLP community where people want to belong.

Lorna has obtained her Certificate IV in Coaching with Fire Up Coaching, and is a Meta Coach with the Institute of Neuro-Semantics. Having completed Coaching and Modelling training with Sue Knight, internationally known for her NLP at Work books. Having also trained with Dr L Michael Hall, Dr Bobby Bodenhamer, Suzi Smith, David Sheppard, Alpha Institute, Dr John Gray, John Kehoe of Mind Power, Dr Christopher Morrison- Advanced Hypnotherapy, Chris Howard – NLP, John Tickel, in EFT, Mind Mapping, NBI, & Fish. All complimentary to the field of NLP and Neuro-Semantics.

She has Certificate IV Trainers and Workplace Assessors certifications from the University of Melbourne, she upgraded to the TAA4 qualification in 2009, and to the TAE4 level in 2010, in Queensland. Lorna has Certificate IV in Business from Qld University. Having completed Trainers Training with Advanced Neuro Dynamics, and is a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy. Is a clinical Hypnotherapist, a licensed iWAM practitioner, and Licensed Whole Brain Thinking Practitioner.

Lorna is a dynamic, passionate, colourful, sincere and vivacious presenter and she prides herself with her approach to others in a honest down to earth, yet professional manner, cutting out the jargon and delivering in a simple easy to understand format, identifying the different levels of understanding her clients have in the subject being facilitated. Lorna is very compassionately
passionate about the difference that each person can make in their own lives  as well as in their professional capacity in making changes that will enhance their environment, relationships professionalism, and encourage growth, development and future success. Being very passionate about her trainings, and offers a safe, peaceful and serene space for maximum learning without the need for the hustle and bustle of the city, trainings are held in Wakerley, a Brisbane suburb, in a serene tropical paradise which is set up for an enjoyable learning experience, with fresh home cooked refreshments and meals, and plenty of space to enjoy nature.

Participants of her trainings, whether it be in a corporate setting, public or personal, large or SME will never be disappointed as they always get so much more than what was expected, with her undivided attention, to detail in every way to make the experience one to be remembered with ongoing support.

Lorna has successfully worked with people from all levels within organisations, Small – Medium Business, Large Corporate, with Manufacturers, Leaders and managers. Lorna develops and facilitates customised training workshops for the Corporate sector, SME, Medical Practitioners, Teachers, Therapists, Adult Learning, Children, People who stutter, children with learning difficulties, and in general people of all ages who want to develop certain areas of their life to achieve life and/or work balance.

Having successfully created and managed her own businesses, over many years as a successful company director, Professional Business Owner, Image Consultant, Beauty Therapist, Cosmetic Tattooist, Trainer, Coach and Therapist, in country Victoria as well as for 15 years in Melbourne, andsince 2002 in Brisbane. For the past 17 years successfully conducting her own Training/Personal Coaching/Therapy business with corporate and personal clients., holding her very successful individually designed, personal development and corporate trainings, seminars and workshops.

Her expertise in human behaviour, her working knowledge of the advanced communication skills of NLP and Neuro-Semantics,and how to easily incorporate the iWAM, LAB and Whole Brain Thinking® means Lorna facilitates programs specifically designed that enables you to get the excellent results you want quickly and with less effort, while enjoying the learning.

Lorna offers certified trainings in Neuro-Semantics, APG, Meta-States, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner.

For further information about Lorna’s training schedules visit www.nlpworking4u.com.au.

Contact Details:

Lorna Bukkland
Brisbane NLPworking4u
P.O.Box 995, Wynnum.  Qld  4154

Phone: 1300 306 803
Mobile:  0417 366 487
Intl Phone: 617 3907 0366


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