Dr. Yvonne Sum

Dr Yvonne Sum CSP ACC transforms leaders of tomorrow … today.
An Associate Certified Meta-Coach and non-certifying Neuro-Semantics & NLP Trainer, her coaching challenges people to recognise simple things they may have taken for granted. If you are not willing to dive deep into exploring your strengths and vulnerabilities nor be present to invite counter-intuitive learning partnerships through unorthodox methods whilst immersing in simple joys of losing yourself to innovative possibilities, and actualising them in the real world,  then Yvonne is not the coach for you.

Her courage to navigate various passions has transformed Yvonne from dentist, RAAF officer, business partner, wife, mother, executive coach, leadership facilitator, certified speaker, and author. Yvonne has honed her gift of helping others clarify useful behavioural frameworks across various contexts so that we may choose to easily deploy them in our daily lives. She consistently provokes senior business leaders to ‘lose their minds and come to their senses’ by integrating their leadership insights at home successfully back into the work tribe, and to leverage foresight into their vision.  She helps fractured leaders ‘defrag’ to lead an intentional life which invariably leave an inspired legacy of authenticity despite the chaos of a fragmented world, where fractured passion and spirit are fully re-engaged in tribes in business, communities and families. 

Yvonne’s breadth of international experience and clientele span across Australia, the USA and Asia Pacific. She has coached senior leaders across diverse industries ranging from multinational corporate to professional firms. She has helped other coaches lift their game.

Start Kidding Yourself – Learning Leadership from your Home Tribe is her first solo book due out in 2012, and she has contributed to two other books: Emerging Trends in Professional Selling Vol 1, and  Inspired Children.

For further information about Yvonne visit www.dryvonnesum.com



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